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With over 28,000 square feet, the SMT1 first level includes administration, technical team,purchasing group and production personnel where most of the production and NPI products are manufactured. The ergonomics of working with SMT Hautes Technologies is optimized to reduce the product moving between the different stages of manufacturing. Indeed, every department, automatic lines, automated optical inspection (AOI), washing, test, assembly manual, visual inspection, repair, packaging and delivery are arranged to minimize the distance between the different manufacturing steps.
SMT1 First Floor
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With 14,000 square feet, the SMT1 second floor includes the administration of the inventory,  test temperature cycling and coating department. The Stock Room Department manages the inspection of material received, inventory management and warehousing of the critical parts. The group of temperature cycling, coating department of finished goods of coating product, completed all activities on the second floor.
SMT1 Second Floor
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SMT2 with 9000 square feet, includes two pick & place, wave soldering, stock room and assembly people. The building's main mission is the assembly of prototypes, development of new manufacturing processes and box build assembly.
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September  2015 : Moving into new SMT plant of 80 000 ft sq