Technology evolves at a phenomenal rate. By adapting the new industriel 4.0, SMT Hautes Technologies has established itself as a leader in circuit electronics assembly manufacturing. That’s why SMT is your world class business partner.


    In order to maintain the high quality of our products and keep our competitive edge, we implement effective assembly strategies with top of the line technology. The result? We’re time efficient and reduce margins of error. Automation allows SMT Hautes Technologies to meet your highest expectations.


    Our professional team combined with our production solutions allow us to quickly deliver a guaranteed and reliable product.


    Our private, digital online platform allows a direct, real-time connection to our production team on a 24 hour basis, giving our clients the ability to follow up on and stay up to date with their overall production chain.

  • New at SMT

    SMT is growing! A new production site is added to our network. We now have 3 production sites to meet the demand and high standards of our industry.



FALL 2023, unveiling of the new SMT Hautes Technologies website. Date and communications to come!   



Since 2001, SMT Hautes Technologies has emerged as a leader in the assembly of highly complex circuits requiring high standards of quality and short manufacturing lead times. Our dynamic and experienced team coupled with our top-tier equipment fleet allows us to offer our clients with an array of solutions ranging from prototypes to high production volume. In order to meet the needs of our clients, SMT Hautes Technologies offers several types of services, including design, test solutions, manufacturing, engineering, cost reduction, DFM, DFA & DFT analysis, and many others. The loyalty of our clients a testament to SMT’s flexibility and ability to adapt and meet their needs.


SMT boasts 3 factory, 9 automated production lines and 1 line for top of the line prototype technology development, which can produce up to 10 million circuits annually. SMT Hautes Technologies maintains its technological edge in the industry while staying competitive, which makes it stand out and break away from the competition when it comes to quality, capability, finished product and price. Our Smart manufacturing software allow us to be fully automated process flow, RFQ, Invemtory, Planning, task, complete traceability of each unit and remote acess for customer enable us to attain unparalleled achievements and even compete with the chinese market.


The turnkey solutions offered by SMT allow us to stand apart from the competition by taking a simple idea and turning it into a complete final product for our clients. Automated assembly, hand assembly, test automation and repair are just a fraction of the services offered by SMT. By working side by side with you, SMT Hautes Technologies is your ideal business partner.


SMT has successfully diversified into various sectors over the years. Our numerous feats in the industrial, transportation, entertainment, medical, OEM, aeroespacial, telecommunications and railway sectors have been noteworthy and groundbreaking. Success in these sectors can only be attributed to computerized procedures in place at SMT which meet the various specific requirements in each industry. Our factory’s full automation as well as our working methods enable us to offer highly complex products. We have implemented the same rigorous principles and manufacturing techniques used in the avionics industry. Traceability and real-time performance monitoring allows us to deliver first-pass yields typically exceeding 99%.
Thus, SMT Hautes Technologies is an industry leader!

9 Reasons to Choose SMT

• Smart Manufacturing
• Smart Traceability
• Competitive pricing
• Quality
• On time delivery
• Expertise and support
• Adaptive and flexible
• ISO 9001:2015 certification (certification performed by Intertek)
• ISO 13485:2016 certification (certification performed by Intertek)

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